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Arkansas area codes, country 1, phone prefixes, call Arkansas from another country: 1st international code, 2nd country number, 3rd area code. More indicative of country areas for calls are: zone code, city code and intercity code for national calls.

Country Abbreviation: US – AR


International calls:

00 1 (area code) (7 landline numbers)

  • International Code: 00 (from Europe and most countries) with some exceptions ; or 0011 (from Australia).

  • Country code: 1

  • Arkansas area codes: There are 3 numbers. Fixed numbers are displayed as (x). They identify each region, territory or province of the country where we call.

How to call from ARKANSAS area codes TO ANOTHER COUNTRY; the structure would be like this:

011 (prefix of the destination country) (area code) (landline numbers)

011 (country code of destination) (mobile or cell phone numbers)


For example, if I want to call HOT SPRINGS:

00 1 501 xxx xxxx / 0011 1 501 xxx xxxx (from Australia)

Call landlines areas between cities (National):

– FROM ANOTHER LANDLINE OR CELL PHONE:  1 (city area) (7 landline numbers)

Example, call LITTLE ROCK from MONTAIN HOME:  1 501 xxx xxxx

Example, call MONTAIN HOME from LITTLE ROCK:  1 870 xxx xxxx

Call landlines areas within the same city (Local):

– FROM ANOTHER LANDLINE OR CELL PHONE:  (city area) (7 landline numbers)

Example, call in HOT SPRINGS:  501 xxx xxxx

Example, call in MONTAIN HOME:  870 xxx xxxx

Here’s a list of Arkansas Area Codes:


If it is a cell phone, it would be the same way since they include the local prefixes, that is, the 3 numbers of the area code of each city.

CALL CELL PHONE (Composed of 10 numbers):

International calls:

(xxx) Is the area zone:

00 1 (xxx) xxx xxxx / 0011 1 (xxx) xxx xxxx (from Australia)

Arkansas area codes to Call cell phone area code between cities (National):

– FROM ANOTHER CELL PHONE OR LANDLINE:  (area zone) (cell phone number)

Example, call LITTLE ROCK from MONTAIN HOME:  1 501 xxx xxxx

Arkansas area codes to Call cell phone area code within the same city (Local):

– FROM ANOTHER CELL PHONE OR LANDLINE:  (area zone) (cell phone number)

Example, call in LITTLE ROCK:  501 xxx xxxx


(xxx) Is the area code:

+1 (xxx) xxx xxxx 


The three-digit numbers can only be dialed within the country:

POLICE: 911 

DOCTOR: 911 or 311

FIRE: 911 or 311


Yellow Pages

White Pages

Unveiling Arkansas – Intriguing Tourism Tidbits:

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Nature enthusiasts will be enchanted by the majestic beauty of the Ozark Mountains, where scenic overlooks, lush forests, and cascading waterfalls abound. Take a hike along the trails of Buffalo National River, America’s first national river, and marvel at its pristine beauty and diverse wildlife.

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