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Alabama area codes, country 1, phone prefixes, call Alabama from another country: 1st international code, 2nd country number, 3rd area code. More indicative of country areas for calls are: zone code, city code and intercity code for national calls.

Country Abbreviation: US – AL


International calls:

00 1 (area code) (7 landline numbers)

  • International Code: 00 (from Europe and most countries) with some exceptions ; or 0011 (from Australia).

  • Country code: 1

  • Alabama area codes: There are 3 numbers. Fixed numbers are displayed as (x). They identify each region, territory or province of the country where we call.

How to call from ALABAMA area codes TO ANOTHER COUNTRY; the structure would be like this:

011 (prefix of the destination country) (area code) (landline numbers)

011 (country code of destination) (mobile or cell phone numbers)


For example, if I want to call MOBILE:

00 1 251 xxx xxxx / 0011 1 251 xxx xxxx (from Australia)

Call landlines areas between cities (National):

– FROM ANOTHER LANDLINE OR CELL PHONE:  1 (city area) (7 landline numbers)

Example, call MONTGOMERY from BIRMINGHAM:  1 334 xxx xxxx

Example, call BIRMINGHAM from MONTGOMERY:  1 205 xxx xxxx

Call landlines areas within the same city (Local):

– FROM ANOTHER LANDLINE OR CELL PHONE:  (city area) (7 landline numbers)

Example, call in MONTGOMERY:  334 xxx xxxx

Example, call in BIRMINGHAM:  205 xxx xxxx

Here’s a list of Alabama Area Codes:

ALEXANDER CITY (256) or (938)ANNISTON (256) or (938)ATMORE (251)
DECATUR (256) or (938)DAPHNE (251)DOTHAN (334)
FLORENCE (256) or (938)GADSDEN (256) or (938)GULF SHORES (251)
HOOVER (205)HUNTSVILLE (256) or (938)JACKSON (251)
SYLACAUGA (256) or (938)TUSCALOOSA (205)

If it is a cell phone, it would be the same way since they include the local prefixes, that is, the 3 numbers of the area code of each city.

CALL CELL PHONE (Composed of 10 numbers):

International calls:

(xxx) Is the city area:

00 1 (xxx) xxx xxxx / 0011 1 (xxx) xxx xxxx (from Australia)

Alabama area codes to Call cell phone area code between cities (National):

– FROM ANOTHER CELL PHONE OR LANDLINE:  (area zone) (cell phone number)

Example, call MOBILE from MONTGOMERY:  1 251 xxx xxxx

Alabama area codes to Call cell phone area code within the same city (Local):

– FROM ANOTHER CELL PHONE OR LANDLINE:  (area zone) (cell phone number)

Example, call in MOBILE:  251 xxx xxxx


(xxx) Is the city area:

+1 (xxx) xxx xxxx 


The three-digit numbers can only be dialed within the country:

POLICE: 911 

DOCTOR: 911 or 311

FIRE: 911 or 311


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White Pages

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